Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone! Only sponsors, admin, and referrals will have access direct to each other solely for the purpose of contacting each other in regards to this site.

Q: What is your privacy policy and use of Cookies on this site?
A: You can view our full policy and use of cookies by clicking here.
Q: How much does Build-MyTeam site cost?
A: BMT is 100% free to register but each Smart Contract inside will yield various prices. These are all 3rd party websites and are not associated with BMT. BMT is the team website for ALL Double Down World Wide Team Members and prospects and thus is free use to build unlimited Ether.
Q: How does the referral program work?
A: This site is for D2W2 team members. Any person that is referred to this site will be a direct referral to the sponsor who referred them for the Smart Contracts that require direct referrals. All other Smart Contracts, BMT referrals will enter the team structure and be placed according to sign up.
Q: Can I Export my list I built?
A: Due to the cost of this amazing site being 100% free , you may copy and paste your list into another autoresponder or excelworksheet. But your list will always be secured on our servers for the duration of your active account. We will however look into it as a future added benefit for pro members.
Q: How do I opt out of receiving emails?
A: Each mailing at the bottom will be an opt out form. But when you opt out you will miss out on the news and updates that will follow which all will be very vital to your list building and online marketing growth. Also if you opt out when we send information about lost profits, you will not receive that info.

Q: Can I use a service like Guaranteed sign ups or other bot sign up system?
A: Guaranteed sign ups of any kind are not allowed. Anyone caught using this system or it seems like you are using any other form of getting sign ups that are not legal and legit, your account will be terminated automatically. If you have something you want to try using, send it to support for investigation before using it.


Q: How do I cancel my account and removed from the website?
A: To cancel/delete your account, just send a request to admin. But why you would want to delete a free account is baffling.
When we have more questions from members we will update you here...