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You have just been given an opportunity to be a part of the fastest Team Creator System online. You will literally have thousands of members under you within weeks. We have constructed a very simple viral team building system that will generate an exponential amount of financial growth to your online marketing business. You literally turn a few leads into millions without spending any money.

That's right, there is no cost to join! You only need to be privately invited to enjoy the viral growth on autopilot. Once your foundation is set and you have your back office completely set up, the system does the rest for you. Building your team and creating multiple pay lines to infinity just became fun and exciting.

How Does Build-MyTeam Work?

No need to look for some complicated system or functions. We understand complexity only increases stress and the drop out rate for a program. So that was eliminated! The way BMT works is simple. We help you transition from being just an affiliate to becoming a social media mogul. Why sit back and let others be in the spotlight and earn all the money when you can do the same for almost nothing. Your online progress has been hampered with many programs catered to the admin versus catered to you. That type of business has to change. And it starts with you coming out of the dark and into the light!

We have built a program that focuses on building you a team/network of marketers all geared to improving their financial situations. We help brand YOU and your social media presence. This combination ensures that you have maximum online success without your pockets being drained of money. We focus more on building you a solid business name across the internet.

To start that process you earn your very first upgrade here 100% free but you have to do a little grunt work to get it. You must personally invite just 4 people to join you here at Build-MyTeam. The first 3 will be passed to your sponsor.

Now, why should you pass up 3 people?

Because starting with your 4th person and how ever many you personally sponsor/refer/invite after that, will have to pass up 3 people to you in order to get their FREE Upgrade to a pro membership. Your 3 pass ups qualify you to receive Infinite pass ups from every single member that becomes a part of your network. Once you start receiving pass ups, they will join under you in the financial streams of income when they complete their site set up inside. Steadily and viral, increasing your monthly income flow faster than you have ever had people join under you before.

What makes this program so special is that it's simple to join, simple to activate, simple to duplicate, and has massive results when following the income script. We also make sure that whether you are here as a visitor or here to make bonafide money that you do not leave empty handed. We are giving you full exclusive rights to give away or sell for profit our educational package of 106 Ebooks that consist of various ways to have maximum sales online. Our gift to you for stopping by to see us.
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How Do Our List And Money Go Viral?

There is a reason why this is a private, exclusive website by invite only. The members that enter our doors through here are top quality people who truly want extreme success and will definitely earn money because of the way our viral structure is set to help each other. These marketers are serious about earning and know what it means to follow a planned script for substantial income.

When you pass your 3, then each one of those 3 have to pass 3 up to become qualified to start receiving pass ups. That will bring your total to 9. Then those 9 will have to do 3 each. Now your team is up to 27 and it will still keep climbing to infinity for as long as you remain an active member with our site. The simplicity of how this structured plan works makes it so that everyone that comes here will earn here once you have set your financial foundation  when you decide to purchase any of our Smart Contracts inside and begin the automation process. You will have definite success when you join our team builds today.

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      What is the cost associated with this system?

We are transparent! You can use the Team Builder by itself without any cost to you, 100% Free, no strings attached. But we did however, want you to make as much money as possible in your online business so we have included very simple income streams that are at the top of the charts for duplication and #1 in getting recruits that remain with the program!

These are our Smart Contract team builds for Bronze, Silver, Gold and (Diamond coming soon) websites. Our BMT website sets you up for success from the very first day you join our team. Just by participating and entering your information below, you will begin a transformation from countless programs failing performance to finally seeing substantial growth of income month after month. The very first part to duplication is to enter your information on the registration block below.

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Earn Entries In Our Free Cash Giveaway By Referring FREE Members To Join!

Each member that registers today has a chance to win our biweekly cash giveaway just by referring 3 other people to join our FREE Team builder. A random PRO member is chosen each biweekly to receive a cash prize donated to the contest. There is no obligation of purchase to participate. Simply join our team build for FREE and then refer 3 others to achieve your pro membership level. Our next drawing will be on Febuary 15, 2020. Deadline to qualify is Febuary 14th, 2020. (hint - How to win: The more people you invite the more entries you receive for a chance to win.)

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